Making It Easier: Getting a Ride with Lyft

In this episode of Making It Easier, Kendrick and Regina teach you how to set up Lyft and use it to get a ride.

Making It Easier: Using Shipt for Grocery Delivery

Kendrick and Regina demonstrate how to set up an account and create an order with the grocery delivery service Shipt.

Making It Easier: Navigating, Organizing and Using Accessibility Features on Your Device

Kendrick and Regina go through ways to help you navigate your device, access device features to help you stay organized and accessibility features to help your device work better for you.

Making It Easier: Apps for Caregivers

Kendrick and Regina review Carezone and Lotsa Helping Hands - two apps to help caregivers coordinate care for their loved ones

WZZM Senior Wellness: Older Michiganians Day!

Wednesday, May 15th is Older Michiganians Day at our State's Capital in Lansing!

Honoring Caregivers

WZZM Senior Wellness: Transportation Options for Seniors

Watch AAAWM's Kendrick Heinlein discuss transportation options with Kristin Mazur at WZZM.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Options for Staying in Your Home Longer

AAAWM's Stephanie Hecksel visits Kristin Mazur at WZZM 13 to discuss care options for older adults to remain in their home as they age.

Making It Easier: Accessing the App Store

In this lesson, Kendrick and Regina demonstrate accessing the App Store on an iPad.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Family Caregiver University

AAAWM's Sarah Sobel sat down with Kristin Mazur at WZZM to discuss Family Caregiver University's upcoming class on alternative therapies for older adults.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Advocates for Senior Issues

AAAWM’s Lacey Charboneau visited Kamady Rudd at Wzzm13 to discuss Advocates for Senior Issues. Watch now! 

WZZM Senior Wellness: Family Caregiver University

AAAWM's Sarah Sobel joined Kamady Rudd on Wzzm13 this afternoon to discuss the upcoming Family Caregiver University class, "It's About the Conversation": Advanced Care Planning taking place on Thursday, January 24th from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Watch now!

WZZM Senior Wellness: Kent Count Senior Millage

AAAWM's Anne Ellermets joined WZZM's James Stark to discuss services available in 2019 through the Kent County Senior Millage (KCSM). 

Making It Easier: Setting Up Your New iPad

Did you receive a new iPad or iPhone as a holiday gift? Kendrick and Regina will show you, step by step, how to set up your new device.

Making It Easier: FaceTime

In this lesson, Kendrick and Regina demonstrate how to use FaceTime and how caregivers can utilize this feature to check on the people they care for, especially when caregiving long-distance.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Beware of Holiday Shopping Scams

Tis the Season for Holiday Shopping and unfortunately, it is also the season for holiday scams. Watch to learn how to spot scams and protect ourselves from Holiday Scams.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Take Notice This Holiday

As we get together with our families for the holidays, now is the time we might notice some changes taking place with our older adult family members. AAAWM's Stephanie Hecksel joined Kamady Rudd on Wzzm13 to talk about when some of those changes taking place might be cause for concern or indicate some additional help is needed.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Helping Seniors Use Technology

AAAWM's Kendrick Heinlein sat down with Kamady Rudd at Wzzm13 to talk about how technology can be used to enhance the lives and independence of seniors and caregivers. Take a look!

2018 Larry Murray Award

Juan Salazar of Legal Aid of Western Michigan is the 2018 Recipient of the Larry Murray Award. 

WZZM Senior Wellness: Caring for Caregivers

The holidays can be particularly stressful for those who've taken on the task of caring for other family members. AAAWM's Julie Alicki joined Kamady Rudd on Wzzm13 offering ideas for ways we can relieve some of the stress of caregiving over the holidays and offer caregivers the gift of time to themselves.

Making It Easier - "Hey Siri"

In this lesson, Kendrick and Regina go over how to set up and use "Hey Siri" and demonstrate how it can be used as a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) in the event of an emergency.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Time to Sign Up for Medicare

Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) provides answers to your Medicare and Medicaid questions. This volunteer organization provides free and unbiased assistance for Medicare beneficiaries, families and caregivers to understand their options.

WZZM Senior Wellness - MI Choice Program

MI Choice provides older adults and adults who have a disability the supports and services necessary to continue living in the home of their choice rather than a nursing facility.

WZZM Senior Wellness - Dementia Friendly Grand Rapids

AAAWM's Jennifer VanHorssen and Chris Simon, DFGR Dementia Champion join Jennifer Pascua at WZZM to discuss Dementia Friendly Grand Rapids' efforts to build community awareness about people living with dementia and improve accessibility to the community for people with dementia and those who care for them.