Age Your Way: A Closer Look at Commissions on Aging

A Commission on Aging works as a hub of support for counties. In this video, we take a closer look at the services commonly available at a COA and talk with Justin Halladay, Director of the Osceola County Commission on Aging.

Celebrating Caregivers

53 million American adults served in an unpaid caregiving role for someone aged over 50. We see you and the selfless commitment you have to your loved one and celebrate you in this month's video while touching on resources.

Age You Way: Advocacy in Action

Advocates for Senior Issues (AFSI) is a non-partisan group empowering seniors through education and advocacy! The group meets regularly to advocate, learn, and build community. In this month's video, you'll hear from our Director of Advocacy, Sheri Harris, and AFSI President Lody Zwarensteyn as they share important advocacy issues and more about the group.

Age Your Way: Navigating Open Enrollment

The world of Medicare/Medicaid can be an extremely confusing one. Each year, open enrollment occurs from October 15-December 7. This provides the chance for individuals to review and make changes to their Medicare Part D prescription plans and Medicare Advantage plans. Watch our latest Age Your Way video as we learn more about open enrollment and the MMAP program which is Michigan's free, unbiased resource for guidance.

Age Your Way: Dementia Support

We're back with another Age Your Way video! Caregiving for a loved one with dementia can be an overwhelming experience at times. Dementia Friends Program Coordinator, Brandon Beck, talks us through his three-step approach to help make caring for a loved one more manageable.

Age Your Way: July 2023- There's No Place Like Home

We know 3 out of 4 seniors want to age in their own homes and communities, and Area Agencies on Aging were established in 1974 to help make this happen. But, we often get asked, how do you describe all you do as an agency? With an analogy, of course! Watch this month's Age Your Way video to hear more about it!

Age Your Way- June 2023: Elder Abuse Awareness

Part of aging your way includes staying safe from abuse as you age. Elder abuse awareness should happen year-round, which is where the Kent County Elder Abuse Coalition comes in. Knowing where and how to report is an important step. Watch the video to hear from Kristyn Vander Zouwen on some tips and common misconceptions about abuse.

Age Your Way- May 2023: Engaging Wellness

Join our Engaging Wellness Community! Classes are offered both in-person and via Zoom throughout our region. Watch our latest Age Your Way video to learn more!

Age Your Way- April 2023: Community Connections

Our April Age Your Way Video is out now! We're talking with Contract Administrator and DEI Advisor for our agency, Sabrina Minarik, about how to make community connections and the services that can help. Watch the video to learn more about these resources!

ENVISION: Where We've Been, Where We Are, Where We're Going

Let's take a look together, at where we've been, where we are, and where we're going as we envision aging and the future of AAAWM. You can review our full FY2022 Annual Report here.

Age Your Way- March 2023: Nutrition Resources

Our March Age Your Way Video is out now! This month's focus is all on nutrition! Liz takes us to a community partner site where we learn more about the three main nutrition resources in our region for older adults; 1. Dining Sites, 2. Community Food Resources, and 3. Home Delivered Meals. Watch the video to learn more!

Age Your Way- February 2023: How does funding work?

Our February Age Your Video is out now! AAAWM Executive Director, Kendrick Heinlein, joins Liz to discuss our various funding streams and our role in the administration of these programs that go to support seniors, persons with a disability, and their caregivers.

Age Your Way- January 2023: What is an Area Agency on Aging?

Introducing our new Age Your Way Video Series! We're excited to bring you a short video each month that covers services and supports to help you age with independence and dignity. This month's video covers this question "What is the Area Agency on Aging and how can it help?". Give the video a watch above to hear from Liz Barnett, our Outreach Specialist, and a special guest.

My West Michigan Interview: Resources for Combating Senior Social Isolation

Many seniors will tell you that these last couple of years during the pandemic have taken a toll. Feelings of isolation and loneliness are pervasive. Sabrina Minarik, Contract Administrator, joined My West Michigan to talk about the challenges of social isolation for seniors and what can be done to help. The Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan has resources for both seniors and their caregivers.

My West Michigan Interview: Technology Resources

There are endless possibilities of what technology can help you to do, especially as a senior, to enhance your life, but navigating just how to do so can be a challenge. AAAWM Contract Administrator, Brandon Beck, joined My West Michigan this month to chat about these tech challenges and some local resources that can help!

My West Michigan Interview: How Can An Area Agency on Aging Help You?

In this video, AAAWM Outreach Specialist Liz Barnett shares the history of area agencies on aging and how they can provide resources at the local level for both seniors and their caregivers.

My West Michigan Interview: Elder Abuse Awareness Month

It is estimated that 1 in 6 older adults experience elder abuse, yet only 1 in 24 cases are reported. Elder Abuse Awareness Month works to rectify this. In the interview below, Cassie Caple, Contract Administrator, shares the significance of this month.

My West Michigan Interview: 2022 KCSM

More than $13 million in funding is going to positively impact older adults in 2022 through the Kent County Senior Millage. The Kent County Senior Millage has helped fund vital services for older adults in Kent County since 1999 with the goal of enabling them to stay in their homes and communities as they age. Kendrick Heinlein joined My West Michigan to discuss what these services look like for 2022. You can give the interview a watch below:

My West Michigan Interview: Food Resources for Older Adults

Staci Gerken joined My West Michigan to discuss the importance of nutrition for older adults. She shared what to look for when you are visiting a senior loved one this holiday season and how to get connected to food resources in our community. You can give the interview a watch here:

My West Michigan Interview: Aging in Place

According to AARP, three out of four adults over age 50 want to “age in place.” They want to live in their own homes and communities as they grow older. Stephanie Hecksel joined My West Michigan to discuss these changing needs as they age and some of the options for support.

My West Michigan Interview: When driving is no longer an option for seniors, RideLink is there

RideLink provides Kent County adults, age 60+, affordable transportation throughout Kent County. Seniors can schedule a ride to a medical appointment, the grocery store, or even to visit a friend.

My West Michigan Interview: Elder Abuse Awareness Month

It’s estimated that one in six older adults worldwide experiences elder abuse, and yet only one in 24 cases is reported. June is World Elder Abuse Awareness month, with today, June 15th, being the designated day! Cassie Caple joined My West Michigan to discuss the significance of this month, the warning signs of abuse, and how we can all work to be part of the solution. Watch the interview below!

Older Michiganian's Day- Take Action!

Watch the Older Michiganian's Day 2021 video! It highlights the five critical areas to senior services for the state of Michigan, where support from legislators is needed, and how you can help. Together we can build communities of strength!

My West Michigan Interview: Support for Caregivers of Older Adults

This year has been especially difficult for caregivers of older adults. The exhaustion and the anxiety are real. Sarah Sobel joined My West Michigan to offer helpful advice. After all, the pandemic isn’t over yet, and caregivers continue to be faced with new challenges. AAAWM offers many resources to support caregivers, from virtual classes to a new support group. You can catch the interview via the link below to learn more.

AAAWM Overview Webinar Recording- 2.25.21

The Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan (AAAWM) offers programs and services to support older adults, persons with a disability, and caregivers in our West Michigan community. If you missed our webinar, you can watch it above!

My West Michigan Interview: Making the Most of an Unprecedented Holiday Season

We joined My West Michigan this month to discuss how older adults and caregivers can find joy in the holiday season and the resources that are currently available to help them stay safe. You can catch the interview via the link below to learn more.

My West Michigan Interview: Becoming a Dementia Friend

Have you heard of Dementia Friends? It is a program designed to help you understand how to better communicate and support those with dementia. This is especially important during COVID-19 as many with dementia have likely had the daily routines that they rely on disrupted. Give our interview with My West Michigan a watch below to learn more:

My West Michigan Interview: Falls Prevention

Did you know that next week is Falls Prevention Awareness Week? Our Healthy Aging Contract Administrator, Barb Nelson, joined My West Michigan to discuss the importance of falls prevention and steps you can take to avoid falls. Give the interview a watch:

My West Michigan Interview: Technology as a Tool for Togetherness

With social distancing measures in place some seniors are feeling more isolated than ever before, but technology can help to bridge the gap. Kendrick Heinlein joined My West Michigan to talk about how technology can help seniors feel more connected.

My West Michigan Interview: The Source for Seniors

Coronavirus and social distancing guidelines have certainly changed the way we go about everyday life. However, here at Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan, our commitment to supporting seniors and their caregivers has remained our top priority. We work to connect seniors in our nine-county region to the resources they require to stay independent.

My West Michigan Interview- Elder Abuse Awareness Month & COVID-19 Scams

June is World Elder Abuse Awareness Month. We joined My West Michigan to discuss the importance of raising awareness and also touched on three current coronavirus-related scams--give the interview a watch below! You can learn more about elder abuse at

My West Michigan Interview- Support for Seniors and Caregivers During COVID-19

Family Caregiver University provides practical education and support to caregivers in West Michigan, one class at a time. With the current coronavirus crisis we realize this support is now more important than ever, therefore we are taking our next class offerings virtual!

My West Michigan Interview- New COVID-19 Senior Support Service

The Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan remains a critical source for seniors. We, and our network of partner agencies, are working to continue serve seniors during the pandemic, including the introduction of a new COVID-19 Senior Support Service.

My West Michigan Interview- Food Resources for Seniors During COVID-19

In this interview with WZZM, Staci shares tips for older adults who may now find themselves responsible for their own meals and also shared a number of food resources that are available for seniors. Give the interview a watch:

Making IT Easier: Mindfulness Tools and Apps

In this video, we discuss what stress and anxiety might look like for different people and things you can do to cope. Kendrick shows us how to use the Headspace and Calm apps and other resources are shared.

Making It Easier: Ordering Home Delivered Meals- Mom's Meals

Mom's Meals ( is a home-delivered meal option. Watch our video as Kendrick demonstrates how to navigate the site, sign-up for an account, and order meals.

My West Michigan Interview- RideLink is taking seniors where they want to go

WATCH NOW: Learn more about RideLink and our upcoming Open House in our interview with My West Michigan!

My West Michigan Interview- KCSM

WATCH NOW: Learn more about the Kent County Senior Millage in our interview with My West Michigan!

Kent County Senior Millage- 2019

Learn more about the Kent County Senior Millage and those it impacts!

Making It Easier: Getting a Ride with Lyft

In this episode of Making It Easier, Kendrick and Regina teach you how to set up Lyft and use it to get a ride.

Making It Easier: Using Shipt for Grocery Delivery

Kendrick and Regina demonstrate how to set up an account and create an order with the grocery delivery service Shipt.

Making It Easier: Apps for Caregivers

Kendrick and Regina review Carezone and Lotsa Helping Hands - two apps to help caregivers coordinate care for their loved ones

Making It Easier: FaceTime

In this lesson, Kendrick and Regina demonstrate how to use FaceTime and how caregivers can utilize this feature to check on the people they care for, especially when caregiving long-distance.

Honoring Caregivers

WZZM Senior Wellness: Options for Staying in Your Home Longer

AAAWM's Stephanie Hecksel visits Kristin Mazur at WZZM 13 to discuss care options for older adults to remain in their home as they age.

Making It Easier: Accessing the App Store

In this lesson, Kendrick and Regina demonstrate accessing the App Store on an iPad.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Advocates for Senior Issues

AAAWM’s Lacey Charboneau visited Kamady Rudd at Wzzm13 to discuss Advocates for Senior Issues. Watch now! 

WZZM Senior Wellness: Family Caregiver University

AAAWM's Sarah Sobel joined Kamady Rudd on Wzzm13 this afternoon to discuss the upcoming Family Caregiver University class, "It's About the Conversation": Advanced Care Planning taking place on Thursday, January 24th from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Watch now!

WZZM Senior Wellness: Kent Count Senior Millage

AAAWM's Anne Ellermets joined WZZM's James Stark to discuss services available in 2019 through the Kent County Senior Millage (KCSM). 

Making It Easier: Navigating, Organizing and Using Accessibility Features on Your Device

Kendrick and Regina go through ways to help you navigate your device, access device features to help you stay organized and accessibility features to help your device work better for you.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Beware of Holiday Shopping Scams

Tis the Season for Holiday Shopping and unfortunately, it is also the season for holiday scams. Watch to learn how to spot scams and protect ourselves from Holiday Scams.

Making It Easier: Setting Up Your New iPad

Did you receive a new iPad or iPhone as a holiday gift? Kendrick and Regina will show you, step by step, how to set up your new device.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Take Notice This Holiday

As we get together with our families for the holidays, now is the time we might notice some changes taking place with our older adult family members. AAAWM's Stephanie Hecksel joined Kamady Rudd on Wzzm13 to talk about when some of those changes taking place might be cause for concern or indicate some additional help is needed.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Helping Seniors Use Technology

AAAWM's Kendrick Heinlein sat down with Kamady Rudd at Wzzm13 to talk about how technology can be used to enhance the lives and independence of seniors and caregivers. Take a look!

2018 Larry Murray Award

Juan Salazar of Legal Aid of Western Michigan is the 2018 Recipient of the Larry Murray Award. 

WZZM Senior Wellness: Caring for Caregivers

The holidays can be particularly stressful for those who've taken on the task of caring for other family members. AAAWM's Julie Alicki joined Kamady Rudd on Wzzm13 offering ideas for ways we can relieve some of the stress of caregiving over the holidays and offer caregivers the gift of time to themselves.

Making It Easier - "Hey Siri"

In this lesson, Kendrick and Regina go over how to set up and use "Hey Siri" and demonstrate how it can be used as a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) in the event of an emergency.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Time to Sign Up for Medicare

Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) provides answers to your Medicare and Medicaid questions. This volunteer organization provides free and unbiased assistance for Medicare beneficiaries, families and caregivers to understand their options.

WZZM Senior Wellness - MI Choice Program

MI Choice provides older adults and adults who have a disability the supports and services necessary to continue living in the home of their choice rather than a nursing facility.

WZZM Senior Wellness - Dementia Friendly Grand Rapids

AAAWM's Jennifer VanHorssen and Chris Simon, DFGR Dementia Champion join Jennifer Pascua at WZZM to discuss Dementia Friendly Grand Rapids' efforts to build community awareness about people living with dementia and improve accessibility to the community for people with dementia and those who care for them.

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