AAAWM Executive Committee

Bill Routley, Chair

Marilyn Burns, Vice Chair

Don Black, Treasurer

Richard Karns, Secretary

Carol Hennessy, Member-at-Large

Robert Sundholm, Advisory Council Chair

AAAWM Board of Directors

Allegan County

Don Black, Elected Official

Stuart Peet, Consumer

Ionia County

Larry Tiejema, Elected Official

Dennis Sitzer, Consumer

Kent County

Carol Hennessy, Elected Official

Nancy Nielsen, Consumer

Lake County

Betty Dermyer, Elected Official

Marilyn Burns, Consumer

Mason County

Gary Castonia, Elected Official

[Open], Consumer

Mecosta County

Bill Routley, Elected Official

Sharon Bongard, Consumer

Montcalm County

John Johansen, Elected Official

Linda Wege, Consumer

Newaygo County

Vern Willett, Elected Official

Cindy LaBelle, Consumer

Osceola County

Larry Emig, Elected Official

Richard Karns, Consumer

City of Grand Rapids

Kurt Reppart, Elected Official

Jane DeVries, Consumer

AAAWM Advisory Council

Allegan County

Thomas Peelle                         

Natalie Van Houten              

Ionia County

Norma Kilpatrick 

Kenneth Thompson

Kent County

F. Rob Deane, MD                   

Harold Mast 

Lake County

Nellie Blue 

Nicolette McClure

Mason County

Robert Sundholm

Mecosta County

Mary Bechaz

Jerrilynn Strong 

Montcalm County

Tim Reno 

Ben Witbrodt 

Newaygo County

Adele Hansen

Elsie Plank

Osceola County

Barbara Hazlett 

Mary Lou Proefrock 

City of Grand Rapids

Keith Vandercook

Grand Valley State University

Priscilla Kimboko, Ph.D.

AAAWM Management Team

Jackie O’Connor, Executive Director

Suzanne Filby-Clark, Deputy Director

Dan Travis, Finance Director

Anne Ellermets, Contract Services and Program Development Director