AAAWM Executive Committee

Bill Routley, Chair

Carol Hennessy, Vice Chairperson

Ron Bacon, Secretary

Chuck Hazekamp, Treasurer

Nancy Nielsen, Member-At-Large

Marilyn Burns, Member-At-Large

Kendrick Heinlein, Chief Executive Officer

AAAWM Board of Directors

Allegan County

Mark DeYoung, Elected Official

Stuart Peet, Consumer

Ionia County

Larry Tiejema, Elected Official

Edna Albert, Consumer

Kent County

Carol Hennessy, Elected Official

Nancy Nielsen, Consumer

Lake County

Kristine Raymond, Elected Official

Marilyn Burns, Consumer

Mason County

Ron Bacon, Elected Official

Mecosta County

Bill Routley, Elected Official

Sharon Bongard, Consumer

Montcalm County

Ron Baker, Elected Official

Chuck Hazekamp, Consumer

Newaygo County

Ken DeLaat, Elected Official

Richard Fitzpatrick, Consumer

Osceola County

Timothy Michell, Elected Official

Dawn Montague, Consumer

City of Grand Rapids

Lisa Knight, Elected Official

Jane DeVries, Consumer

AAAWM Advisory Council

Allegan County

Jo Ver Beek      

Ionia County

Norma Kilpatrick 

Kent County

Melaine Grooters                

Bob Dunlap

Monica Sparks

Priscilla Kimboko Ph.D

Lake County

Betty Dermyer

Mason County

James Thomas

Mecosta County

Mary Bechaz

Jerrilynn Strong 

Montcalm County

Tim Reno 

Ben Witbrodt 

Newaygo County

Helen Taube

Osceola County

Barbara Hazlett 

Mary Lou Proefrock 

Kent County Veterans Services

Martha Burkett

Aging and Adult Services Agency

Ashley Ellsworth

Laura McMurtry

AAAWM Management Team

Kendrick Heinlein, Chief Executive Officer

Suzanne Filby-Clark, Chief Operating Officer

Scott Russett, Chief Financial Officer

Holly Williams, Vice President of Human Resources

Cassie Caple, Vice President of Contract Services and Program Development