Are you eligible for a nursing home, but would rather live in your own home?

MI Choice Waiver Program may be your option to continue living independently.

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If you're looking to find out what services are available to you in order to remain in your home, Care Management is the place to start. 

Our Care Management team will come to your home, discuss your needs, perform an assessment and develop a plan that works for you. 

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Start where you are! Use what you have! Do what you can!

We offer A Matter of Balance, EnhanceFitness, Tai Chi, Zumba Gold, and Yoga to help increase strength, gain endurance, prevent falls, improve balance, and HAVE FUN!

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Are you caring for a loved one? We have programs and resources available to support you on your caregiving journey.

Learn about options like in-home care, respite certificates, and programs designed to support caregivers like yourself.

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Celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month is an opportunity for us to learn about the rich heritage and culture of the Black community and reflect on the ongoing struggle for equality and justice.

More Than A Millage: Getting Connected - Where to Start

You’ve likely heard of the Kent County Senior Millage (KCSM), but what resources does it provide for older adults? And, why should someone care about the millage if they aren't a senior? We work to answer these questions and explain the importance of the millage for seniors and caregivers alike in our "More Than a Millage" series.

Request for Proposal- Kent County Senior Millage FY25- NOW OPEN

This specific Request for Proposal is for the 2025 Kent County Senior Millage fiscal year, which begins October 1, 2024, through September 30, 2025. The Kent County Senior Millage has helped fund vital services for older adults in Kent County since 1999 with the goal of enabling them to stay in their homes and communities as they age. Deadline: Friday, February 2nd.

Social, Strong, & Safe: The Benefit of Exercise for Older Adults

Exercise is a healthy habit to partake in during all phases of life, but as we age, it becomes even more important to our overall health. Regular exercise is about more than just physical fitness because many studies show that balance and exercise programs also help older adults to maintain independence and prevent falls. Engaging Wellness, a region-wide collection of exercise classes and partners focused on healthy aging, can be a useful way for older adults to improve their fitness, strength, safety, and socialization.

Celebrating Caregivers

53 million American adults served in an unpaid caregiving role for someone aged over 50. We see you and the selfless commitment you have to your loved one and celebrate you in this month's video while touching on resources.

Age You Way: Advocacy in Action

Advocates for Senior Issues (AFSI) is a non-partisan group empowering seniors through education and advocacy! The group meets regularly to advocate, learn, and build community. In this month's video, you'll hear from our Director of Advocacy, Sheri Harris, and AFSI President Lody Zwarensteyn as they share important advocacy issues and more about the group.

The Value of Self-Care: A Guide For Caregivers

Caring for others is both beautiful and fulfilling, but it can also pose some challenges due to the emotional and physical requirements. Many caregivers find themselves focusing all of their energy on their loved ones, oftentimes forgetting their own needs. But, as the saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup” so it’s important that caregivers take time for themselves, especially as the busy holiday season approaches.

Indigenous/ Native American Heritage Month 2023

November is Indigenous/Native American Heritage Month, where we pay tribute to the rich ancestry and traditions of Native Americans and Indigenous peoples. This is also an opportunity to bring awareness to the unique challenges Indigenous people have faced historically and in the present. It is important to recognize the lands we are on today were first inhabited by Native American tribes before being colonized by European settlers and to recognize the poor treatment of Indigenous peoples thereafter. Below are a few tools to help you engage and learn from this meaningful history and how you can be a supporter in the present.

Age Your Way- February 2023: How does funding work?

Our February Age Your Video is out now! AAAWM Executive Director, Kendrick Heinlein, joins Liz to discuss our various funding streams and our role in the administration of these programs that go to support seniors, persons with a disability, and their caregivers.

Age Your Way- January 2023: What is an Area Agency on Aging?

Introducing our new Age Your Way Video Series! We're excited to bring you a short video each month that covers services and supports to help you age with independence and dignity. This month's video covers this question "What is the Area Agency on Aging and how can it help?". Give the video a watch above to hear from Liz Barnett, our Outreach Specialist, and a special guest.