A Matter of Balance




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Do you have a fear of falling? 

A Matter of Balance classes reduce the fear of falling and help you become more active. Taking place in 8 two-hour sessions, participants will engage in sharing ideas and problem-solving with other group members, learn assertiveness skills, home safety tips and fall prevention strategies and participate in strengthening exercises. 

Participants learn to:

  • view falls and fear of falling as controllable
  • set realistic goals for increasing activity
  • change your home to reduce fall risk factors
  • use simple exercises to increase strength and balance
  • get up properly after a fall

Who Should Attend?

Those who are: 

  • are concerned about falls
  • have sustained a fall in the past
  • have given up activities because of concerns about falling
  • are interested in improving flexibility, balance and strength
  • are able to problem-solve

Class Times: