Becoming Fit Just Became More Fun!

EnhanceFitness® makes becoming fit more fun! EnhanceFitness® is a group fitness class designed specifically for older adults that includes four classes in one to include strength, flexibility and balance. EnhanceFitness® is a one hour class lead by instructors who encourage create a welcoming atmosphere. 

Try Fast & Fit

Short on time? Fast & Fit gives you a 30 minute cardio workout. It builds stamina and staying power with good music and great dance moves. We'll warm it up, dance it out, cool you down and end with a stretch.  

Who should attend? 

EnhanceFitness® classes are specifically designed for adults age 60+ regardless of ability or fitness level. Exercises are modified so they can be completed either sitting or standing.

EnhanceFitness will help you: 

  • improve endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility.
  • be more active.
  • help to prevent falls.

Anyone who wants to improve their endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility is encouraged to attend. Those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or arthritis will find many benefits from attending an EnhanceFitness® class, as well as those who want to relieve feelings of depression and anxiety. Best of all, the class is for those who want a casual environment that encourages participants to have fun while they exercise!

Class Times:


Fast & Fit

* Please note: We welcome you to come and try out any of our classes - your first class is free. On your first visit we ask that you arrive 10-minutes prior to the time class begins to meet with the instructor and receive an orientation to insure your safety and the safety of others.