Become a Dementia Champion

As a Dementia Friends Champion, your responsibilities will be:

  • To promote Dementia Friends throughout your own networks and communities.
  • To organize your time, deciding when, and where, you are available to lead Dementia Friends sessions (in collaboration with the Master Champion, if applicable)
  • To act as an ambassador for Dementia Friends, treating everyone with respect and dignity.
  • To represent the views of Dementia Friends by following the Champion’s Guide and Session Workbook.
  • To promptly record your Dementia Friends sessions and the number of Dementia Friends you make as instructed.
  • To contact the Master Champion with any questions or if you no longer wish to volunteer.

What can I expect from being a Dementia Friends Champion?

  • To be part of an international movement making our communities safer, more respectful, and inclusive for the growing number of people living with dementia, and those who care about them.
  • To receive sufficient training and support so that you feel confident in this role.
  • To build your own understanding of dementia.
  • To be kept up-to-date with Dementia Friends news and developments.
  • To have your suggestions for improvement listened to.
  • To feel valued and appreciated for your contribution.
  • To be able to stop volunteering as a Dementia Friends Champion at any time.

Are you interested in facilitating Dementia Friend information sessions in our community?

Step 1: Attend a Dementia Friend Session

Step 2: Attend a Dementia Champion Training. Contact us at to learn more.

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