Technology as a Tool for Togetherness

The current coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed the way we go about our everyday lives. With social distancing measures in place for our health and safety, our regular family dinners, outings with friends, and everyday errands have come to a sudden halt. These changes may have us feeling like we have lost the social connections we have with others and the means to get supplies we need. Technology can be a useful way to help bridge this gap, but for some who are unfamilar with it they may be hesitant to use it. Our "Making IT Easier" video series was designed to teach older adults to use technology to enhance their lives. You can check out the videos below, including lessons on how to Facetime, ordering grocery delivery via Shipt, getting a ride with Lyft, and more.

Check out our "Guide to Using Zoom" here!


Making IT Easier


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Accessing the App Store

In this lesson, Kendrick and Regina demonstrate accessing the App Store on an iPad.

Navigating, Organizing and Using Accessibility Features on Your Device

Kendrick and Regina go through ways to help you navigate your device, access device features to help you stay organized and accessibility features to help your device work better for you.

Setting Up Your New iPad

Did you receive a new iPad or iPhone as a holiday gift? Kendrick and Regina will show you, step by step, how to set up your new device.

"Hey Siri"

In this lesson, Kendrick and Regina go over how to set up and use "Hey Siri" and demonstrate how it can be used as a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) in the event of an emergency.