Older Americans Act Partners

Become an Older Americans Act (OAA) Partner

How to become an Older Americans Act Partner:

Every three years an open proposal process provides any incorporated entity the opportunity to submit a proposal to provide one or more of the defined fundable services.  If an agency is selected, their contract will remain in effect for 3 years though funding can vary from year to year. Funding levels for services are accredited annually by the Proposal Review Committee (PRC) based on availability of State and Federal dollars.

Funding Process:

Submitted proposals are reviewed by the Proposal Review Committee (PRC) made up of AAAWM Board and Advisory Council members. In addition to the written proposal, proposers make brief presentations to the PRC. The PRC makes its funding recommendation to the AAAWM Advisory Council and AAAWM Board of Directors.

2023 Policies and Procedures Manual


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