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The Many Hands program helps caregivers access the support networks they may not realize they already have. Working with a licensed Social Worker, the primary caregiver will begin to consider who in their current social circle may be willing to help provide support with tasks such as laundry, yard work, meal preparation or spending time with a loved one to give the caregiver a rest and time for themselves. 

The primary caregiver will make a list of people they know, like family members, neighbors, people from church, co-workers and friends. The social worker will contact the potential helpers on the caregiver’s behalf to invite them to a Caregiver Support meeting. 

At the meeting, the social worker will:

  • Review what dementia is and behaviors that may be present
  • Discuss the effects of stress on the health of the primary caregiver
  • Present the tasks identified by the primary caregiver and ask for support in these areas
  • Explain the Caregiver Calendar, which will be used to organize and communicate with potential helpers 

If you'd like to explore how the Many Hands Program might help you, contact us