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AAAWM professionals have a wide range of expertise on topics pertinent to older adults and caregivers.

For speaking engagements, interviews or media inquiries contact or (616) 988-5082.


An archive of previous news and media items can be found here

WZZM Senior Wellness: Transportation Options for Seniors

Watch AAAWM's Kendrick Heinlein discuss transportation options with Kristin Mazur at WZZM.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Options for Staying in Your Home Longer

AAAWM's Stephanie Hecksel visits Kristin Mazur at WZZM 13 to discuss care options for older adults to remain in their home as they age.

Making It Easier: Accessing the App Store

In this lesson, Kendrick and Regina demonstrate accessing the App Store on an iPad.

An archive of previous news and media events can be explored here.