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WZZM Senior Wellness: Beware of Holiday Shopping Scams

Tis the Season for Holiday Shopping and unfortunately, it is also the season for holiday scams. Watch to learn how to spot scams and protect ourselves from Holiday Scams.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Take Notice This Holiday

As we get together with our families for the holidays, now is the time we might notice some changes taking place with our older adult family members. AAAWM's Stephanie Hecksel joined Kamady Rudd on Wzzm13 to talk about when some of those changes taking place might be cause for concern or indicate some additional help is needed.

WZZM Senior Wellness: Helping Seniors Use Technology

AAAWM's Kendrick Heinlein sat down with Kamady Rudd at Wzzm13 to talk about how technology can be used to enhance the lives and independence of seniors and caregivers. Take a look!

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