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COVID-19 Vaccine 101

The distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is undoubtedly exciting, but like many, you could also have a bit of confusion. Exactly which vaccines have been approved? How do you qualify and sign-up? Does it cost money? What should you expect after? In this article, we’ll take a look at the commonly asked questions older adults and their family caregivers might have and point you to trusted resources.

All About MI Choice Medicaid Waiver

Aging is obviously something that everyone will experience. We all eventually will age and everyone ages a little differently, meaning the supports and resources someone might require while getting older could take on a variety of different forms.

Senior Perspectives- January/February 2021

The January/February issue of Senior Perspectives is out now!

Getting Through a Long Winter

By now, you are likely tired of being home. We’ve had an unprecedented year with the COVID-19 pandemic that has left us all spending more time at home than we ever have before. Add in the winter weather we’re now experiencing, forcing us inside for long stretches of time, and we’re probably all feeling a little stir-crazy and drained. So what can we do to make this unique winter a little more bearable? Here are a few tips:

Thank you!

A huge thank you to all those who had a hand in putting COVID-19 Care Kits together for local older adults!

Guest Post: Be Kind to Your Mind

Do you find yourself feeling anxious, sad, or hopeless because of the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, you are not alone.

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