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Caregiver Resource Network (CRN) is a group of allied professionals and informal caregivers, meeting bi-monthly and engaging in education and conversation around best practices, success stories, new services, and current research. Learn more at

A FREE one-hour informational session that provides an overview of dementia, early warning signs and symptoms, and communication strategies. This program is a great starting point for families, caregivers, and professionals to gain a deeper understanding of the disease and start developing a person-centered care plan. All sessions are conveniently located both in-person and via Zoom.

What is Family Caregiver University?

Family Caregiver University (FCU) offers monthly educational presentations for caregivers, providing education, support, and comradery to increase confidence in caregiving and decrease feelings of isolation. From strategies to avoid burnout, to increasing well-being, to advance care planning, FCU offers a wide variety of programs that may spark your interest!

How can it support you?

Caregiving is both rewarding and challenging. All FCU classes are taught by community experts to provide training and support.

Next Session

Lifelong caregiver Jeanette Yates understands the challenges of balancing self-care with the demands of caring for others. Through her website The Self-Caregiver, Jeanette has built a supportive community to help caregivers navigate the delicate balance between caregiving and self-care. Jeanette will discuss setting boundaries and caregiver capacity at the March FCU. Jeanette will be presenting virtually from Florida, but the meeting will be in person.


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