Age My Way- Annual Report 2021

There’s something to be said for doing things your own way. When it comes to aging, we all desire the freedom to age how we would like to. Of course, it‘s impossible to predict just how you’ll age, yet throughout this unknown is the power of choice. The support you may need as you age could vary, but being able to choose, trust, and rely on these resources is what it means to truly do things your way. At the Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan, we recognize the importance of this autonomy. We know that these past few years have left uncertainty for older adults and burnout for caregivers, and have emphasized how important continued services are for these individuals. Of course, we have an immense amount of gratitude for our Older Americans Act and Kent County Senior Millage partners, who also honor the importance of freedom and client choice while adjusting their services. In this year’s report, we’ll take a closer look at the many ways older adults can remain in and be involved with their communities to truly “age my way”.

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