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Purchase of Service Partners

Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan has established Purchase of Service (PoS) Agreements with a large pool of service partners across the nine county region to serve clients under the MI Choice Medicaid Waiver, Care Management and Veterans Health Administration programs.

Some of the most frequently purchased services include:  Homemaking, Personal Care, In-Home Respite, Home Delivered Meals, Personal Emergency Response Systems, and Adult Day Care.

How to Apply to Become a PoS Partner:

Potential new PoS Partners may apply to become a part of the provider pool during the specified enrollment period (January-March).   PoS Agreements may also be established throughout the fiscal year in order to fill a specific area of need.  Participation does not assure referral to a specific provider or a specific volume of clients.

Interested potential PoS Partners may contact the AAAWM and request an electronic version of application from the PoS Contract Coordinator.  This document provides detailed information about what is involved in serving as PoS Provider.  A completed application is required to become a PoS Provider.  It also serves well as an educational tool for potential providers who are not yet able to apply.

Compliance with the Conditions of Participation and Service Standards are monitored through audits.  PoS Providers that demonstrate areas of non-compliance with these terms are subject to probationary status and/or termination of their Agreement.

Purchase of Service Partner Criteria:

When evaluating potential new PoS Providers, the following criteria will be used:

  • Ability to Provide Quality Services:  potential providers should demonstrate measurable and relevant local service delivery performance.  A general guideline for new potential home care providers is six to twelve months of prior service delivery.
  • Positive References: potential providers should have strong references from their relationships with consumers, consumer referral sources, including other MiChoice Waiver agents within and outside of the region when applicable.
  • Program Participant Preference: efforts will be made to accommodate participants who have a preference for their service providers.  Participant choice is a priority.
  • Cost: selection is competitive and cost effectiveness is a priority.
  • Continuity of Care: efforts are made to minimize the number of agencies and caregivers involved with each participant.   When multiple services are needed, an attempt will be made to minimize the total number of service providers required for that participant.
  • Geographic and Service Need Considerations: some consideration will be made based upon the needs of the pool.  Potential providers will need to demonstrate an ability to provide quality service(s) in a geographic area where additional providers for their service(s) are needed.

Additional Resources:

Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan
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