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Latest News

Senior Scams

12/10/2015 10:45am

The Kent County Elder Abuse Coalition is warning seniors and caregivers about several scams this holiday season. More details on each scam below and, as always, contact your local law enforcement right away if you feel you have been the victim of these, or any, scams or fraudulent activity.

Door to Door Gift Basket Scam

Be careful when opening the door for those holiday packages. Some people are going door-to-door with gift baskets or calling ahead of time to warn of a special holiday delivery. The catch, they telling people they need to scan their credit card and/or driver’s license for either a “verification fee” or to prove they are over 21 (if there is alcohol in the basket).They pull out a hand held scanner and now they have all the information they need to make unauthorized charges or commit identity theft.

Never, of course, give your credit card or debit card information to someone at the door.

Delivery Scams

In addition to having packages stolen off your doorstep, people should also watch for fake delivery status emails that can also cause problems.

The Federal Trade Commission has warned about phone "delivery failure notification" emails that can make the rounds during the holiday season. The email might look like it’s from the U.S. Postal Service and say you missed a delivery. But the trouble is the message will include more links to click for details. And here's where you'd end up with a virus or malware on your computer if you'd click on a link or download the attachment.

Another version of the email includes package “tracking information.” On their website, Fed Ex warns that such fraudulent emails can contain the subject lines “Shipping Conformation,” “Verify Info,” “Some important information is missing” and “Please fulfill the documents attached to verify your identity.”

Again, that phony email may have an attached file that may contain a virus or other malware.

FexEx warns that if you receive a message matching these descriptions, do not open the email or click on the attachment. Delete the email immediately or forward it to abuse@fedex.com.

Due to all of the Cyber Monday shopping and packages being delivered for Christmas, these emails may seem legitimate, but Fed Ex recommends people not click any links and instead copy the tracking number and go directly to the Fed Ex website and paste it in their “track package” section.

Consumers Energy Scam

Consumers Energy is warning customers to be cautious. They say this year alone, more than 1,000 energy scam attempts have led to $81,000 in losses. They say typically callers will contact a small business pretending to be from Consumers Energy and demand payment within an hour or two using a prepaid credit or debit card (the scam has been reported in 57 counties). 
Seven Common Items in Consumers Energy Scams: 

  1. A phone call demanding payment within a short time frame. 
  2. Threaten service will be shut off if payment is not received. 
  3. Insist on a specific form of payment (i.e.a pre-paid credit card). 
  4. May seek personal or account information. 
  5. May have an account number or what sounds like the proper bill amount. 
  6. May "spoof" your phone, making it appear as if the call comes from Consumers Energy. 
  7. May provide an 800 or 888 number to call that is not ours. 

What You Should Know :

  • Do not pay over the phone using a pre-paid credit card. 
  • Do not give personal information or money over the phone to anyone you do not know. 
  • If you receive a call and believe it may be a scam, call us immediately at 800-477-5050. 

 Did You Know? 

  • Consumers Energy employees and authorized contractors wear ID badges. 
  • We offer many ways to pay – by mail, in person or over a secure Internet site. Learn more at ConsumersEnergy.com/waystopay. 
  • We won't request personal information or insist on payment in less than 24 hours. 
  • We never demand payment using only a pre-paid credit card.

Michigan counties in our region with the most reports this year of phone scammers pretending to be from Consumers Energy: 

  • Kent: 124 calls, $7,061 paid 
  • Allegan: 33 calls, $1,750 paid 

Source:  Consumers Energy One Energy Plaza Jackson, MI 49201

For more information on senior scams and elder abuse, visit the Kent County Elder Abuse Coalition at www.protectkentseniors.org


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