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An active, older adult couple doing Tai Chi outdoors.
Photo Of Daughter Giving In-Home Care Services To Mother - Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan
An older adult woman calling Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan to learn more about our services.

Media Coverage

The Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan is often in the news, click the links below to access past news stories on our programs including television, radio and print interviews.

11/28/17 WZZM CH 13 Help at Home

11/15/17 WGVU Bethany Home Chore

11/14/17 WZZM CH 13 Snow Removal Services

10/23/2017 GRTV - Scott in the System MMAP

10/18/2017 WGVU Family Caregiver University

10/17/2017 WZZM CH 13 Dementia Friendly Grand Rapids

10/03/2017 WZZM CH 13 Conquering the Kitchen

09/26/2017 WGVU Home Repair Services

09/19/2017 WZZM Ch 13 Preventing Falls as We Age

09/15/2017 GRTV-Scott in the System AAAWM Services Available to Disabled Adults

09/05/2017 WZZM CH 13 Resistance to Assistance

08/28/2017 WOOD CH 8 - eightWest Senior Volunteer Fair

08/22/2017 WZZM CH 13 The Importance of Oral Care for Seniors

08/16/2017 WGVU Community Food Club

08/08/2017 WZZM CH 13 Using Technology to Make Life Easier

07/25/2017 WZZM CH 13 Considering In-home Care

07/19/2017 WGVU Longterm Care Ombudsman

07/11/2017 WZZM CH 13 Substance Abuse and Older Adults

06/27/2017 WZZM CH 13 Title V: Senior Community Service Employment Program

06/21/2017 WGVU United Methodist Community House

06/13/2017 WZZM CH 13 Reaching Out to LGBT Seniors

06/02/17 WZZM CH 13 Grandparent & Grandchild Day Camps

05/17/2017 WGVU Community Supports Available to Caregivers

05/16/2017 WZZM CH 13 Older Michiganians' Day

05/02/2017 WZZM CH 13 Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP)

04/20/17 WGVU Senior Neighbor's Refugee Program

04/18/2017 WZZM CH 13 MI Choice Medicaid Waiver Program

04/04/2017 WZZM CH 13 Cooking for Caregivers

03/21/2017 WZZM CH 13 Plan. Prepare. Simplify.

03/15/2017 WGVU MI Choice Medicaid Waiver Program

03/07/2017 WZZM CH 13 Avoiding Scams

02/21/2017 WZZM CH 13 Family Caregiver University

02/15/2017 WGVU Title V: Senior Community Service Employment Program

02/07/2017 WZZM CH 13 Getting Help Around the House

01/24/17 WZZM CH 13 Staying Active & Healthy as You Age

01/18/2017 WGVU Kent County Senior Millage Services

01/10/2017 WZZM CH 13 Help with Winter Chores

12/27/2016 WZZM CH 13 Kent County Senior Millage

12/21/2016 WGVU Radio Legal Assistance for Kent County Seniors

12/6/2016 WZZM CH 13 Senior Wellness: When Extra Help is Needed

11/29/2016 WZZM CH 13 Senior Wellness:Tips for Holiday Gatherings for People with Dementia

11/16/2016 WGVU Radio Medicare Part D Open Enrollment

11/15/2016 WZZM CH 13 Senior Wellness: Family Caregiver University Class Elder Abuse Prevention

11/9/2016 WKTV Thanks and Giving- Senior Volunteer Opportunities

11/1/2016 WZZM CH 13 Senior Wellness: Training and Employment Program

10/19/2016 WGVU Radio Community Options Counseling

10/18/2016 WZZM CH 13 Senior Wellness: Family Caregiver University First Aid Class

10/10/2016 WKTV Open Enrollment for Medicare Starts October 15

10/9/2016 iHeart Media- Wood Radio AAAWM Services

10/4/2016 WZZM CH 13 Senior Wellness: Community Options Counseling

9/27/2016 First Step to Care Blog Open Enrollment For Medicare Starts October 15

9/21/2016 Mlive Senior Falls, Not a Natural Part of Aging

9/21/2016 WGVU Radio Information and Assistance Services

9/20/2016 WZZM CH 13 Senior Wellness: Family Caregiver University on Dementia

9/6/2016 WZZM CH 13 Senior Wellness: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group

9/1/2016   eightWest  Senior Leadership Grand Rapids Community Resource and Senior Volunteer Fair

8/24/2016 WZZM CH 13 Senior Wellness: Identifying and Preventing Elder Abuse

8/17/2016 WGVU Radio Grandparent Raising Grandchildren Support Group

7/26/2016 WZZM CH 13 Senior Wellness:Meals on Wheels

7/20/2016   WGVU Radio  Fan/Air Conditioner Program     

7/19/2016   Mlive Heat and Fan/Air Conditioner Program  

7/12/2016  WZZM CH 13 Senior Wellness: Tai Chi     

6/29/2016  Eight West   Age Friendly Event at AAAWM    

6/28/2016 WZZM CH 13  Senior Wellhness: Fan and Air Coniditioners   

6/15/2016  WGVU Radio  Medicare Myths      

6/14/2016   WZZM CH 13   Senior Wellness: Medicare Myths      

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