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An active, older adult couple doing Tai Chi outdoors.
An older adult woman flexing her muscle in an exercise class.
An older adult male on an outdoor track with his walker demonstrating it is never too late to get started on a fitness program.
Three older adult women in a pool enjoying an aquatics class.

Enhance Fitness For Seniors

EnhanceFitness® classes are a part of a series of health and fitness classes in our Healthy Aging program. As we age, it is important for older adults to be healthy and stay active, and Healthy Aging programs offers a variety of classes and diabetes self-management.

What is EnhanceFitness®?

EnhanceFitness® makes becoming fit more fun! EnhanceFitness® is a group fitness classes designed specifically for older adults that combine four classes in one to include strength training, flexibility, aerobic exercise and balance. The hour-long class promotes healthy aging. EnhanceFitness® is tailored to each participant in a casual environment with certified instructors who encourage class participants to interact with each other.

Who should attend an EnhanceFitness® class?

EnhanceFitness® classes are specifically designed for adults age 60 and over regardless of ability or fitness level. In fact, instructors are trained on how to modify exercises so they can be completed either sitting or standing. Seniors who want to improve their endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility are encouraged to attend. Those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or arthritis will find many benefits from attending an EnhanceFitness® class, as well as those who want to relieve feelings of depression and anxiety. Best of all, the class is for those who want a casual environment that encourages participants to have fun while they exercise!

What can you expect from the class?

Regardless of endurance, strength, or fitness level, participants can have a good time! Classes begin with a warm-up, then lead into various cardiovascular moves, adding in a weight component and ending with a cool-down - all set to music. Instructors lead the group in each exercise, demonstrating the moves and providing assistance or modification as needed. Classes incorporate strength, resistance, and balance training. Participants can expect to socialize with the instructor and others in the class while they see physical improvements in themselves and have fun!

What are people saying about the class?

Program's participants find that EnhanceFitness® truly enhances their well-being. They find they have more energy, improved balance, and an ability to do things they haven't been able to do in a long time (such as go for regular walks outdoors or play with their grandchildren). 93% of people who take the class say that they see an improvement in their physical abilities since they began the class, and 99.4% say they would recommend the class to a friend.

Call us today to schedule a class!

If you or a loved one are interested in EnhanceFitness®, call our Healthy Aging team today for more information or to schedule a class! Click here to watch an EnhanceFitness class in action!

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