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Is a Senior Center Just Bingo?

Absolutely not! While some centers may offer bingo (because a lot of people enjoy it), may senior centers also offer a wide variety of activites from wii bowling to presentations, group trips, lunch, healthy aging classes, and much more!

What are the benefits of attending a senior center? For many seniors, they experience mental, emotional, social, and even physical benefits.What this video below to see some senior centers in action then scroll down to get answers to other questions about senior centers.


How old do I have to be to participate at my local senior center? Each senior center and activity may differ, but seniors from age 50 to 100+ have enjoyed getting together.

How can attending a senior center help me mentally? Studies have shown that learning new things can help seniors retain and even sharpen their memory as they age. Many senior centers offer fun games and interesting classes that are mentally stimulating, from cooking to computers.

How could participating at a senior center help me emotionally? For many seniors, aging includes dealing with feelings of isolation and grief. Going on trips, attending movies and events, and eating with others who have experienced similar emotions can be very enjoyable and also healing.

Will it cost a lot for me to participate in activities at my senior center? Each senior center is different. Some activities may have a cost attached while others have a small charge, or even no cost at all!

How can attending a senior center help me socially? For the older adult who no longer has many family or friends available to socialize, the senior center offers a way to meet people and make new friends. Most senior centers also have group transportation available for outside events. This allows seniors who no longer drive, a way to have fun and to participate worry free.

How can attending a senior center help me physically? Many senior centers have healthy aging classes like EnhanceFitness, A Matter of Balance, or even Diabetes PATH classes (click here to learn more about healthy aging classes offered throughout the region) Many senior centers may also have a noon meal and a number of activities to appeal to all different interests. They can even help connect older adults to resources and services.

How do I find out about the senior center in my area? For more information you can call the Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan (616-456-5664) or look at the list below for the senior center in your county.

Ionia County:

            Ionia County Senior Center  616-527-5365

Kent County:

            Byron Township Senior Program  616-878-1998

            Forest Hills Senior Center  616-493-8950

            Kentwood Senior Center  616-656-5270

            Lowell Senior Neighbors  616-897-5949

            North Kent Community Services  616-866-3478

            Northview Senior Center  616-365-6150

            Salvation Army Senior Outreach   616-454-1459

            Senior Neighbors Grand Rapids  616-459-3040

            South End Community Outreach  616-245-2066

            Sparta Senior Neighbors  616-887-1273

            United Methodist Community House  616-241-1645

            Walker Meadows Senior Neighbors  616-453-0739

            Wyoming Senior Center   616-530-3190

Lake County:

            St. Ann’s Lake County Senior Services   231-745-7201

Mason County:

            Ludington Area Senior Center  231-845-6841

            Scottville Area Senior Center  231-757-4705

Mecosta County:

            Mecosta County Senior Center   231-972-2884

Montcalm County:

            Greenville Area Senior Center  616-754-1658

            Montcalm Commission on Aging  989-831-7476

Newaygo County:

            Newaygo County Senior Center  231-689-2100

Osceola County:

            Reed City Senior Center  231-832-3340

(this is not an exhaustive list of all the senior centers in our region)

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