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Is a Nursing Home The Best Option for Mom or Dad?

It’s a common scenario, mom has a fall and suddenly the adult children are researching nursing home placements. Or they visit and see that dad is a little more forgetful so they start touring different long term care facilities. While the intentions are well meaning, they may be unnecessary as many older adults may be able to continue to live in their own home with a little help.

In home care optionIn-home care services can help prevent or prolong a nursing home placement while also allowing mom or dad to remain at home; which is a choice that most older adults prefer.  In-home care services may include nursing care, medication management, home delivered meals, bathing assistance, laundry, grocery shopping and more.

In-home care services can benefit the person receiving assistance, as well as offer caregiver support. The support from an agency with weekly or daily tasks can reduce stress on the caregiver and allow them to take time for themselves.  It can also enable the caregiver to return to their roles of spouse, son, or  daughter.

Some people believe that just because they have a limited income they won’t be able to benefit from in-home care services, but Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan (AAAWM) may be able to help. AAAWM has a program to help those with resources explore available options, as well as programs that are available to individuals with low incomes. Click here for more information.

 “We have a number of programs that can help make elderly care at home a reality,” says Suzanne Filby-Clark, Care Management Services Director at Area Agency on Aging of Western Michigan. “All someone has to do is contact our Information and Assistance staff to discuss different options and see if they qualify for our programs.”

After determining program eligibility, AAAWM provides an in-home assessment and assigns each client a Registered Nurse and Social Worker. During the assessment, recommendations for senior care services will be made based on the client’s individual needs.  Once the recommendations have been made, in home care services will be scheduled. The Nurse and Social worker will remain assigned to the client and will review information and connect with them regularly to make sure everything is going well.

For more information on in-home care services provided by AAAWM, including program eligibility, contact (616) 456-5664 or email aaainfo@aaawm.org

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